My Top 7 Cranberries Songs

The World of Rock has suffered another tragic loss with the passing of Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan at age 46.

The 90s offered a lot of great bands during the alt-rock era, but O’Riordan’s captivating voice and intimate lyrics made The Cranberries one of the most significant bands to ever exist. Their music was part of a voice that defined a generation.

A few of The Cranberries’ songs played a role in my life as they soundtracked my teenage years — songs that still make those days feel like yesterday whenever I hear them. I believe that’s why their music sticks with you — because of its ability to take you back to a special place.

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Voltron: Soul of Chogokin Toy Review (aka A Happy Inner Child)

I had a lot of awesome toys as a kid. I would take out the toys of that specific cartoon I’d be watching and reenact the scenes with my action figures.

But one particular toy of mine was the bitter pill of them all: The 12″ Voltron Defender Deluxe GoLion.

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