Films of 2016: Part I

It’s the second half of 2016. There’ve been way too many movies that have been released this year and I’ve been trying to keep up with all of them. There have been a fair share of good and bad films but like always, I’m just gonna focus on the good films… Continue reading


My BootLegos

I love LEGO minifigures — especially those under the Super Heroes line and custom prints. I prefer the real deal (even the minifigs I customise are done with original LEGO parts) but I can’t deny how cool some of these LEGO knock-offs are. The quality and detail on some of these so-called bootlegos are actually pretty good. If I had to, I’d recommend Sheng Yuan, Lele and Decool as they’re almost as good as the real thing. Other Chinese brands’ quality are more of a hit-or-miss (like with every knock-off product).

And so, I shamefully yet proudly present the bootlegos I just couldn’t turn away from (so far).

bootleg400This post is for the toy/minifig collectors out there. You be the judge.

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The Beauty of Pain

Pain is daze
Pain is a doorway

Pain is a journey
Pain is discovery

Pain is mind
Pain is soul
Pain is a dark, bottomless hole

Pain is clarity
Pain is reality

Pain is wisdom
Pain is freedom

Pain is courage
Pain is strength
Pain is inconspicuously evident

Pain is inspiring
Pain is awakening

Pain is expression
Pain is passion

Pain is universal
Pain is immortal

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