My Top Classic Cartoons

Like every normal kid, I grew up watching cartoons. There are so many classic cartoons to choose from, all with something to offer. Nevertheless, these were my personal favorites.

This list only refers to those during the “Golden Age” of cartoons.

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Citizen: A Matrix Story


Bright blue sky.

Sun glaring through perfectly formed clouds of pure fluff.

He looks down at the busy street below – people and cars looking like scampering ants.

He looks up and sees a building across him and sees someone standing on the rooftop: A hazy figure of what seems to be a tall, dark man.

He feels the wind rapidly blowing at his face and through his fingertips.

Everything is a clear yet, a blur.

He is unsure if he is falling or flying.

He then hears a deep voice say, “Believe.”

He wakes up in a cold sweat.

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