10 Things I Learned About Jim Paredes

In light of recent events, singer and senior citizen Jim Paredes has been the latest hot topic after tension erupted between him and Duterte supporters at the EDSA 31 celebration.

After watching the video (captured by journalist Jamela Alindogan-Caudron) of the above-mentioned dispute and reading his tweets on the matter, I have unintentionally learned a few things about a man whom I’ve never bothered to know anything about.

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My BootLegos

I love LEGO minifigures — especially those under the Super Heroes line and custom prints. I prefer the real deal (even the minifigs I customise are done with original LEGO parts) but I can’t deny how cool some of these LEGO knock-offs are. The quality and detail on some of these so-called bootlegos are actually pretty good. If I had to, I’d recommend Sheng Yuan, Lele and Decool as they’re almost as good as the real thing. Other Chinese brands’ quality are more of a hit-or-miss (like with every knock-off product).

And so, I shamefully yet proudly present the bootlegos I just couldn’t turn away from (so far).

bootleg400This post is for the toy/minifig collectors out there. You be the judge.

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7 Reasons Batman v Superman is Awesome

Batman v Superman may just be the most divisive comic book movie ever. Yes, it wasn’t perfect and it did have its flaws. But that doesn’t change the fact that this film was a fresh, ambitious take on the superhero genre. Comic book fans and fanboys alike loved the movie. Film critics gave harsh reviews with one even calling it the worst superhero movie of all time. Seriously? Worse than Catwoman and Batman & Robin? It’s constantly emphasized on how Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 28% score. I’ll have you know, Rotten Tomatoes gave Final Destination a 34% score and Sharknado an 82%. Would you really take their scoring system seriously after that?

I’ll admit I felt a bit unbalanced after seeing it the first time – although it was visually stunning on IMAX. It was only after my second viewing when I fully ingested the film. And that’s why I believe this movie needs to be seen at least twice. Why? Because the first would be the “Expectation Viewing” wherein you’d come in expecting to see if it’s what you’d hoped and if there’s anything more to what they’ve already shown in the trailers. The second viewing would be the “Appreciation Viewing” wherein you’d just sit back and absorb the film for what it is.

This post is based on my Appreciation Viewing. Needless to say, spoilers ahead!

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