10 Things I Learned About Jim Paredes

In light of recent events, singer and senior citizen Jim Paredes has been the latest hot topic after tension erupted between him and Duterte supporters at the EDSA 31 celebration.

After watching the video (captured by journalist Jamela Alindogan-Caudron) of the above-mentioned dispute and reading his tweets on the matter, I have unintentionally learned a few things about a man whom I’ve never bothered to know anything about.

1. Jim Paredes is a Fan of Kingsman: The Secret Service


With quotes like “Manners Maketh a Man” and “Respect Begets Respect”, I assume he was inspired by the action-spy film. Colin Firth‘s character was super cool after all.

This would be the logical explanation since it wouldn’t make sense if he was just an old Filipino who occasionally spoke like an 18th-Century Englishman.

2. Jim Paredes is Humbed


Did he mean to type “Humbled” but wasn’t wearing his glasses? Did he mean “Numbed” ’cause his arthritis was kicking in? Or maybe “Humbed” is an Old English word we’re not familiar with? Regardless, this is why it’s important to spell-check before hitting the tweet button.

3. Jim Paredes is Jesus


Well, he didn’t actually say he was Jesus but I must say, it takes commitment to use Jesus in your argument after performing what some would call an unchristian act. Even Jesus would’ve said “Jesus, that took guts!”

4. Jim Paredes’ Favorite Word is ‘Disrespect’


Okay, Jim Paredes, I got it the first ten times.

5. Jim Paredes Proves Trolls Existed


If you notice, he frequently mentions trolls. I therefore conclude, Jim Paredes has encountered trolls back in the Middle Ages when he was a child.

That would only explain his resentment against trolls because it would be ridiculous if he was just an elderly man referencing internet slang.

6. What Jim Paredes Says Isn’t What Jim Paredes Means (DUH!)


Just because he enthusiastically tweeted ‘Everyone. Not just Yellow’ was free to come to the EDSA 31 Celebration, it didn’t mean everyone other than Yellow was free to come. Understand?

7. Jim Paredes is a Master Debater… against Youngsters

Jim Paredes quoted that it was ‘satisfying to shut them (Duterte Youth) up’ and I totally get it. If I decided to debate 10-year-old kids and shut them up, I would probably feel a sense of satisfaction too. Why pick on someone your own size when it’s a sure win to take on someone smaller right, Jim?

8. Jim Paredes Probably Wouldn’t Die for His Country


I believe Jim Paredes is a patriot who would die defending his country… until, of course, he asks others to go ahead and die first.

9. Jim Paredes Has Too Much Free Time on His Hands

Jim Paredes sure does tweet a lot. You’d think a guy his age would savor every minute of his remaining time on Earth on more precious things in life rather than rambling on his smartphone in 140 characters or less. Life is short, Jim. Life is short.

10. Jim Paredes is Relevant Again

Most of today’s youth probably didn’t know who Jim Paredes was until now. The last time kids heard anything again about the APO Hiking Society was from the 2006 tribute album Kami nAPO Muna.

It’s nice to see an old dude like Jim Paredes being popular again. His bandmates must be so proud of him right now.

** Special Mention: Jim Paredes is the Type of Customer Call Center Agents Love

As we can see here, Jim Paredes would proudly tweet about scolding a service representative over the phone. I’ve worked in the BPO Industry before and it’s customers like him that never cease to make a call center agent’s day. Kudos to you, Jim!

Jim Paredes may not be an idol of this generation; he may not be the most played artist on Spotify, and he may not even be a national hero. But at least he can take comfort in knowing today’s youth will now grow up remembering him for what he did at EDSA 31. This just might be his legacy. Don’t you agree, guys?


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