5 Reasons Suicide Squad is Cool

Suicide Squad is now showing in theatres. It has become another divisive comic book movie, once again due to negative reviews from critics who take comic book movies too seriously (go watch an arthouse film if you’re looking for highly symbolic cinematic content!) and Rotten Tomatoes’ low score rating. Why would anyone take Rotten Tomatoes seriously after scoring Star Wars: Episode I -The Phantom Menace at 55% and the Ghostbusters reboot at 73% anyway? Regardless, bad reviews did not and will not stop the fans from seeing this.

Suicide Squad may not be a masterpiece, but it definitely isn’t a disaster either.

I sincerely enjoyed the film and here are 5 reasons why. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Soundtrack


Guardians of the Galaxy was charming because of the awesome music featured on its soundtrack. Suicide Squad takes a similar approach. But instead of it being charming, it was bad-asssss – the movie opens with The Rolling StonesSympathy for the Devil for chrissake! The actual album unfortunately doesn’t feature all the classic hits heard on film but it nevertheless is still a good collection.

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Harley Quinn


Only longtime DC fans will understand how rejoiceful it is to finally have Harley Quinn on the big screen. Margot Robbie was absolutely marvelous playing the Clown Princess of Crime that it’s hard to imagine anybody else portraying her now. Director David Ayer does an excellent job presenting us with someone more than just a psychotic murderess – making her an extra enjoyable character.

The Joker


It’s probably obvious from my previous post that Heath Ledger’s Joker is my favourite Joker. But I have to admit, Jared Leto‘s portrayal was impressive as his is the closest we’ve ever gotten to the comics’ Joker. Although not a major character in the Squad, Leto succeeds in making the role his own and giving a compelling performance in his featured scenes. Respect.


The Cameos and Easter Eggs

We already knew Batman was going to make an appearance after seeing the trailers and BTS photos. But that didn’t make it less exciting when the Dark Knight showed up. The Flash’s cameo was an even more exciting sight to see – reminding us again that a live-action Justice League movie is finally coming our way.

And I must say: that homage to the classic Alex Ross artwork (below) is just too cool!


The Prologue

Instead of throwing us a bunch of solo films, Suicide Squad opens with an extended prologue detailing the backstories of the main characters. It’s something uncommon in team-up movies and was a fashionable way to get all the exposition out of the way so we could get on with the adventure. It was a brilliant way to get audiences who were unfamiliar with these fun characters familiarized in a snap.


All in all, Suicide Squad is a straight-to-the-point comicbook movie that just wants to have fun – and that’s exactly what this movie is: FUN. I’m sure fans feel nothing but thankful to David Ayer for having the balls to bring these characters to life.


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