Films of 2016: Part I

It’s the second half of 2016. There’ve been way too many movies that have been released this year and I’ve been trying to keep up with all of them. There have been a fair share of good and bad films but like always, I’m just gonna focus on the good films…

  • The Conjuring 2James Wan continues to prove he is the new master of horror while he creeps us out with this sequel to his 2013 hit.


Popstar: Never Stop Never StoppingPOPSTAR

A musical comedy mockumentary about a world-famous recording artist. It stars Andy Samberg — and if you watch SNL and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’d have an idea how funny this movie is. It’s so dumb and ridiculous that I loved it!

The Mermaidthe-mermaid

If you’re a fan of Stephen Chow films (Kung-Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer) then you need to see this! But if you’ve never seen a Stephen Chow film before, I’d still recommend this Hong Kong comedy film as it’s hilarious as it is charming.

  • Deadpool – An R-Rated X-Men film that’s fast, funny and bloody. What else is there to say?
  • The Fundamentals of Caring – A drama about a retired writer whose first job as a caregiver is to tend to a disabled but juvenile teenage boy. It stars Paul Rudd so the bits of comedy in this film are welcome. It’s definitely one of the best indie films this year.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/Captain America: Civil WarDCvM

It’s a tie for these two superhero movies because they both have a special level of significance: We finally saw Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together onscreen for the first time; and we also finally saw Spider-Man together with the Avengers onscreen for the first time. Geektastic!

  • Hush – All I’ll say about this Netflix movie is that it’s a slasher film that revolves around a deaf writer who lives alone in the woods. It’s thrilling and an absolute must-see.



Green Room – This movie will not be for every one as it’s intense and very violent. This film could be put up there on the same level as 2005’s Hostel. I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m just giving a disclaimer on what you’d be getting yourself into. A story about a punk band trapped in a skinhead bar after something goes very wrong. It stars Patrick Stewart and the late Anton Yelchin. If your stomach can handle it, do check it out.



  • 10 Cloverfield Lane – A kind-of sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield. The film revolves around a girl being held in an underground bunker with 2 men after an event has left the Earth uninhabitable. Stellar acting, suspenseful atmosphere and cleverly crafted storytelling. This film can easily stand as its own movie so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen Cloverfield yet (although that is another film you should see some day).

Sing StreetSSTREET
Nostalgia and Music: A few things I’m a sucker for in films and this movie has them both. It’s a story about a teenage boy who decides to form a band to impress a girl. An homage to the 80’s era featuring some original music that would’ve been hits back then. Directed by John Carney, the man who brought you Once (2007) and Begin Again (2014). It’s another funny and charming movie I highly recommend as it’s also become my top favourite this year.




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