The Girl from Mars

The Girl from Mars

She landed from the sky

Onto the field of the weary earthling guy

He reached out, she took his hand

The unforeseen bond of Martian and Man

His kind would call her a monster

Her kind would call him a beast

But logic brought them together

And logic triumphs — among these higher animals at least

Gentle glowing light from the cigarettes they’d smoke

Laughs and giggles from their planetary jokes

In silence they listened to the earth winds sing

Intoxicated from rainbow galactic drinks

In silence they sat, their minds connecting through nights and days

He helped her understand the odd earthly ways

He showed her a world she didn’t know existed

She gave him the answers to his entire existence

She opened his mind, she opened his eyes

Showed him the truth of a galaxy full of lies

Two dissimilar species, yet somehow the same

Free-spirited souls that no race could tame

Then in his arms she whispered, “It’s time for me to go.”

His heart beat rapidly, “Say it isn’t so.”

“Please, Girl from Mars, a little longer could you stay?”

“I’m sorry, Man from Earth. I must return to my planet far away.”

“Will I ever see you again?”

“Only time will tell. Thank you for everything. I wish you well.”


And now he sits by the window every night, staring at the stars

Wishing for her return, he breathes, “I miss you, Girl from Mars.”


Copyright © 2016 by FV Nicolas


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