Ballad of a Superhero

I see you in trouble, I come to your rescue

Because I’m a superhero, it’s what I do

When you’re down, at the end of your rope

I’ll lift you up and give you hope

When all you see is darkness, I’ll show you the light

When all you know is wrong, I’ll show you what’s right

When you want to die, I’ll show you life’s worth living

When you feel no one hears you, I’ll show you I’m listening

When you cry, I’ll wipe away your tears

I’ll be your strength, there’s nothing to fear

Just call my name and I’ll be there

No matter when, no matter where

And when you’re healed and can stand on your own, you may go your separate way

Because my job is done, there’s nothing left to say

I’ll fly back to my cave, and live my life of solitude

Doesn’t matter if I feel your leaving me is crude

It’s not about me, I want to see you happy

Doesn’t matter if your happiness makes me feel envy

Doesn’t matter if I’m alone, doesn’t matter if I’m sad

Doesn’t matter if I’m confused, doesn’t matter if I’m mad

Doesn’t matter if no one understands me

Doesn’t matter if no one saves me

Do you see me falling? No you don’t.

Will you come when I call? No you won’t.

Of course you’d think I’ll be fine. Why shouldn’t I be?

I’ve got superpowers, right? Nothing could possibly be wrong with me.

I’m just a stupid superhero in bright underwear

Who saves the saviour? Nobody cares.


Copyright © 2016 by FV Nicolas


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