DC v Marvel: Uncivil War

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice around the corner, and Captain America: Civil War releasing soon after, the eager anticipation grows. But along with the expressions of excitement, comes all the hate-comments from fanboys. My question is: Why all the hate?

I’ve been a DC fan (not fanboy — there’s a difference) since I was a kid. But, I’m also both a comic book geek and a movie enthusiast. Ergo, I’m neutral in this apparent battle.

Fans and fanboys alike feel the need to criticise and troll on these respective cinematic universes and I don’t understand why. Yes, there are more Marvel supporters than DC but that shouldn’t justify anything – especially since Marvel started their cinematic universe in 2008; while DC’s only sprung into life in 2013.

But regardless of when the studios started these universes, it really shouldn’t matter. I’ve read and heard the hate-comments from both Marvel and DC supporters and I find it ridiculous — One DC fanboy went as far as to troll (Guardians of the Galaxy director) James Gunn on his facebook page, telling him to f*ck off — Seriously? Marvel fanboys enjoy pissing off the DC fanboys by declaring the DCEU sucks simply because they didn’t like Man of Steel. Let’s be honest: Man of Steel may not have been a mind-blowingly great film but it wasn’t a bad one either. The only reason you hated it was because it was a bit more serious than what you were used to after seeing (7) Marvel films before it. The Dark Knight is so dark you’d almost forget it was a superhero film yet, nobody complained about the serious tone on Christopher Nolan‘s Batman. DC fanboys mock the campiness of the MCU but, how is seeing something that looks like it jumped straight out a comic book a bad thing? The 60s’ Batman TV series is the campiest of all superhero campiness yet, everyone loves that show to this day!

If you deny how awesome it was to see these guys together on-screen for the first time, you’re a f*cking liar.


So what if MCU links their movies to their TV shows? So what if DCEU prefers a film character to be different from its TV counterpart? We have Human Torch playing Captain America and Daredevil playing Batman… all this wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

Why should anyone need to choose a side? Is there a law against enjoying both MCU and DCEU films? Why would anyone attack or defend either universes? Is it unheard of for both film studios to succeed?

If the sight of Batman and Superman featured together in one film doesn’t give you goosebumps, you’re probably dead inside.


If you’re so mad at the direction of these cinematic universes, make your own film. But until you do, chill out because dude, it’s just a superhero movie. If you need to express hate, direct it to all these unnecessary, nauseating reboots instead — like Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters.

Batman versus Superman? Spider-Man (finally) teaming up with the Avengers? Suicide Squad? Infinity War? Justice League? Screw choosing a side! Let’s all just hold hands and line up on opening day for all these comic book movies.


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