DC Comics has officially announced they will be pulling out this so-called “controversial” variant cover for Batgirl #41 (by artist Rafael Albuquerque).


First of all, it is not controversial!

One article read: Angry fans took to Twitter with the hashtag #CHANGETHECOVER exhorting DC comics to pull the Batgirl variant. If you #CHANGETHECOVER supporters were actual DC Comics fans and comic book readers, you would’ve appreciated how striking and museum-worthy that variant cover was – so please don’t refer to yourselves as fans. No, it is not sexist. No, it does not glorify violence against women (or violence in general). It was just a homage to one of the greatest Batman graphic novels of all time!

No, it is not an evocative image either! If someone committed sexual assault, it would simply be because they’re psychopaths – not because they saw an image in a comic book (or a movie, video game, etc.)

Seeing how “online protests” and “threats of violence and harassment” were the cause of DC Comics’ decision to cancel the variant just made me sick. Do all you #CHANGETHECOVER supporters feel good now that your protests and threats have succeeded? Yes? Well, Pat yourself on the back ‘cause you’re a terrorist. You may not have killed anybody in protest, but you’re still no different than those people responsible for the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Yes, you do have a right to protest but nevertheless, you’re still a motherfucking terrorist.

It’s not the comic book but the principal of all this that makes me mad. You #CHANGETHECOVER supporters interfered with artistic freedom and I’m not okay with that — it’s just plain wrong.

If you want to make the world a better place, get out and do something about it instead of whining all day on social media like a lil’ pussy – ‘cause that’s what you #CHANGETHECOVER supporters are: Pussies and f’n terrorists!

I’ll close with this artwork by artist Ray Dillon. Why no outcry over this? Is it because Superman isn’t a woman? You #CHANGETHECOVER supporters are ridiculous.


To those unfamiliar with the topic, read the whole story here.


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