My Top 5 Twilight Zone Episodes

I love The Twilight Zone (1959-64). It’s personally the greatest television series of all time. Rod Serling is a brilliant storyteller, and his sharp narration only makes the show even more hypnotic – “A dimension as timeless as infinity… the middle ground between light and shadow.” If you watch this series long enough, you’ll realize the influence it’s had on today’s movies and T.V. shows.

With 156 episodes, it’s a challenge to point out the best ones. But since it ran for 5 seasons, I’ll share 5 of my personal favorites. I won’t talk about them too much as I took the liberty of attaching each [30 minute] episode for your viewing pleasure – in case you’ve never seen them before.

So read on, press play and unlock this door with the key of imagination.

5. The After Hours (S01E34) – A woman browses for a gift for her mother in a department store. Sounds pretty ordinary, doesn’t it? But then again, nothing is ordinary in the Twilight Zone.


4. Time Enough at Last (S01E08) – Henry is a bank teller and a bookworm. All he ever wanted was enough time to read his books – and that’s exactly what he got. What seems to be the problem, then? Click play to find out.


3. Five Characters in Search of an Exit (S03E14) – A uniformed Army major wakes up trapped in a large metal cylinder, where he meets four other people. With none of them having any recollection of who they are and how they became trapped, they all try to determine where they are and why. If you also want to find out, you’re going to have to watch this episode.


2. To Serve Man (S03E24) – An alien race lands on Earth, and vow that their motive is solely to help humanity. Their shared technology proves useful to the world when deserts become blooming fields and solve hunger, energy becomes cheap, and nuclear weapons are rendered harmless. If Earth’s problems have been solved, why does Michael, the main character, seem so upset?

1. Eye of the Beholder (S02E06) – Janet is described to have a horribly disfigured face. She undergoes several medical treatments in an attempt to look like everybody else. We know the procedure can only go two ways: It will either succeed or fail. So what else could be wrong?

Aside from this episode being one of the most technically impressive in terms of camera angles and lighting, it also has one of the most suspenseful scenes in the entire series. If you didn’t watch the last 4 episodes, you have to see this one… trust me.

We hope you enjoyed your stay at The Twilight Zone.


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