Frankly Speaking on Wattpad

A couple of months ago, a friend introduced me to a website where users can post poems, stories and fan fiction, called Wattpad. Considering my love for writing, I was immediately drawn to it. You can read and write on both web (for computer) and the mobile app. You could also add a cover photo for your written work. So if you like to read things other than your facebook timeline, check it out! I highly recommend it to the writers who want to share their work with the public.

I’m gonna share my (first) Wattpad posts. They’re basically the short stories I originally posted here. Future short stories of mine will definitely be shared on Wattpad from now on.

Click the images to read the stories and THANX for reading.

Adam_Eve Delfonic Sunshine wattholiday Diary

** Cover photos were taken by Michael Celadeña. Check out his brilliant work on and Like his facebook page here.

** Wattpad is available at the App Store and Google Play.


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