Nail Biter

Nail Biter has been biting his nails since childhood
Everyone told him it was a nasty habit
But Nail Biter kept biting away, leaving the edge of his nails jagged
Aged 30, Nail Biter continued with his stubborn assuetude
Nail Biter also liked to sleep in the nude
Scratching himself with his ridged nails in his sleep
Scratch marks on his body – some mild, some deep
He never bothered with the scratches in their place
Until he started waking with scratches on his face
Being the vain nail biter Nail Biter is
Nail Biter quit his nail biting for the sake of his polish
Regardless if his nails are now trimmed and proper
He still finds himself arising with scratches all over
His nails weren’t even sharp so it made him quite curious
Until one stormy night, 3:33 a.m. in August
He felt hair strands on his neck and cold fingers on his face
Then heard “You killed me” whispered in his ear, waking him in a daze
Frozen, Nail Biter was, to see his ex-girlfriend gauzy in the shadows
His ex-girlfriend who caught him with another girl and took her life by jumping out a 16-storey window
Nail Biter was also a heartbreaker – and according to his ex-girfriend, a murderer.

Copyright © 2014 by FV Nicolas


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