5 Reasons Ben Affleck Could Make A Good Batman


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that Ben Affleck has been set to play the new Batman in the 2015 2016 Man of Steel sequel by Zack Snyder. When I first heard the news I was like WTF!? coz honestly when I hear Ben Affleck, the first thing that comes to mind are horrendous films like Pearl Harbor, Jersey Girl and * barf! * Gigli. But then I started to think about the other films he’s been in that were actually good and realized: Maybe he could pull off playing the Caped Crusader. So read on for the 5 reasons I personally think Ben Affleck could make a good Batman……


5. He Can Make You Cry  


You’re lying if you say you didn’t get teary-eyed in the climax scene in Armageddon where he screams ‘I love you!’ when Bruce Willis’ character sacrifices himself. Atleast we know if they call for a vulnerable Batman, he can nail it.

4. He’s Friends With Kevin Smith



With films like Mallrats and Chasing Amy (which were cult classics btw) it’s evident that Kevin Smith is a hardcore comicbook geek – the dude’s even got a comicbook store and a reality show called Comic Book Men. So I believe he’d play an influence in some way by letting Ben understand the significance in portraying this iconic character and to not mess it up.



3. He Can Play A Superhero (obviously) 


A lot of people keep pissing on Daredevil and using that as one of the basis of why they don’t want him to be Batman. Personally, I thought Daredevil was pretty cool – and I liked it even better after seeing the Director’s Cut. Although I agree the film could’ve been better, I think it was more on how the story was told and had nothing to do with the actor. Storytelling is everything. Example? Keanu Reeves: his acting is shit but he rocks in practically all his movies coz they were all brilliantly delivered. Another example? Everybody feels Christopher Reeve is the best Superman but you can’t deny Superman IV was one of the dumbest superhero movies of all time! So if you wanna talk about a shit superhero movie related to Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, then let’s talk about Elektra instead.


2. He’s An Awesome Director

directorBeing a critically acclaimed, award-winning director with films like Gone Baby Gone and Argo, he’s definitely gained a deeper insight in terms of acting. So I think whatever Christian Bale can do, he can do just as good – if not better. He was actually one of the directors taken into consideration to helm Man of Steel – before they passed the job to Zack Snyder; And if assuming they get him to direct a new Batman or Justice League movie, I believe he’s capable of pulling off a Nolan-ish film without the help of Christopher Nolan.



1. The Town

thetownIf you’ve seen this 2010 film also directed by Affleck, then you’d know that he can certainly buff himself up for a role. And if they need a bad-ass Batman, well, he was pretty bad-ass in this one!



And that’s it. The 5 reasons why I think Ben Affleck as Batman just might work. Whether you agree or not, there’s really nothing we can do is there? I mean do you really think Hollywood cares about all those petitions to drop him from the role? With a project this big, I’m sure Zack Snyder/Warner Bros. have thought this through and know what they’re doing. Take note, just to name a few: Michael Keaton as Batman, Heath Ledger as Joker and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman – the public wasn’t happy either when their casting was announced, but everybody pretty much ate their words afterwards. If you think about it, fans’ comments back then about Heath Ledger being casted as Joker were just as hateful as the feedback is now on Ben Affleck — and look how that turned out.

So on a closing note, regardless if Ben Affleck is a bad choice or not, you know you’re still gonna watch him. So let’s just give the guy the benefit of the doubt while we wait and see.

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