My Top 5 Musical Films (So Far)

A family of musicians with parents as lovers of the MGM musicals is where I come from. So it only made sense that I became a musical fan. There are a lot of great musical films out there – with the exception of a few gaytarded ones like High School Musical and Glee – but I’ll just sum it down and share my Top 5 favorite musical films (so far).

5) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) – Personally, one of the most underrated MGM musicals of the 50s. The songs may not be as catchy as the more commercial musicals but the film’s charisma and energy makes it all worth the watch – and the choreography is just so unusually awesome! Although the story may come off as sexist to some, I’d still recommend this as a feel-good musical to pass the time.


4) Across The Universe (2007) – I’m a Beatles fan so of course this film made it on my list. A story told through the songs of The Beatles. It may not be the greatest musical film out there and I may be a bit biased on my choice but nevertheless, it’s still a visual and musical treat that I’d recommend.


3) West Side Story (1961) – A film adaption of the Bernstein-Robbins musical. Singing, dancing, a gang war and a Romeo-and-Juliet-ish tale set in 60s New York City is blended perfectly to keep you glued all the way. By the end of the film, you’d have decided whose side you’re on – The Jets or The Sharks.


2) Grease (1978) – Based on Warren Casey’s and Jim Jacobs’s 1971 musical of the same name; said to be the highest grossing musical film ever. Grease is filthy fun – with enough energy to keep you singing and dancing along ’til the end. Plus, John Travolta is just brilliant bein’ too cool for school.


1) Singing In The Rain (1952) – Described as one of the greatest Hollywood musicals ever made (and I’d have to agree). With its mesmerizing choreography, catchy tunes and light-hearted comedy, Singing in the Rain becomes nothing but pure sunshine. I’m a huge Gene Kelly fan (one of the coolest cats that ever lived!) and from all the classic MGM musicals, this one’s my personal favorite – making it impossible for me to not smile everytime I watch this. It’s obvious this film inspired 2011’s oscar-winning The Artist. If you love musicals and haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend you have this one time-travel you back into an era long gone.

So if you’re into musicals or just beginning to get into it, these are the first 5 I’d recommend. Anyway, it’s like I always say:  “…But if you’ve seen it already, see it again!”

That is all.


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