My History (in Mobile Phones)

I don’t remember what my first mobile phone was. All I remember was it was a big, Sony Ericsson model with an antenna that could only call and text. So I’ll just start from the second mobile phone I had and comment on a few.

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  • Nokia 3210 – I remember when this first came out, everyone thought this phone was so cool with it being antenna-less.
  • Nokia 8210 – When this came out, everyone then went thought this phone was even better as it was antenna-less and small. Let’s not forget how psyched everybody got when Nokia 8250 came out with its blue backlight.
  • Motorola v3688 – I remember getting a lot of attention from this phone because it was just so small – and it made me feel really cool about it at the time.
  • Nokia 5210 – The phone that was tagged as waterproof and shockproof which I can’t really confirm since I never dared to test it. I remember getting so excited coz it had the games Snake II and Space Impact. I think this is when my fixation on mobile gaming began. This is actually one of my favorite mobile phones and if I ever saw this, I would buy it just for the sake of having it again in my possession.
  • Sony Ericsson t68i – My first color-screen phone.
  • Sony Ericsson t610 – My first camera/video phone.
  • Motorola E398

My 2nd favorite phone. The phone that claimed to be the first phone to feature loud, 3D stereo sound. The rubber housing and neon lights that would flash on the side when a sound played made it extra cool — and I’m pretty sure its commercial above is what convinced me to get it.

  • LG Cookie (KP500) – My first touch-screen phone.

And so here I am with my current iPhone 4 which in my opinion is not a phone but a way of living. I haven’t switched to iPhone 4S yet coz I don’t really feel I need Siri right now. Only time will tell what I/we will be using in the coming years. Technology is a beautiful thing.


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