Films of 2011

There were seriously a lot of movies last year. So here I am once again sharing the films I loved (and hated). Lemme get the nonsensical ones outta the way first…

5 Dumbest films of 2011

#5: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – I like Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce. And when I saw they’d be starring in a Guillermo del Toro film, I expected something good – I was deeply disappointed. You don’t need to be afraid of the dark; Instead, be afraid that Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark will suck 99 minutes off your life.

#4:  The Smurfs – I knew it would be dumb the moment I heard they were doing a live-action film. I loved the Smurfs as a kid so I just watched this for the hell of it. Hollywood has once again successfully raped my childhood.

#3: Cowboys and Aliens – When I heard about this movie, I seriously thought the idea of cowboys and aliens would be cool – I thought wrong. Jon Favreau shoulda just stuck to directing Iron Man films. A lotta cowboys died in this film – mainly because they were cowboys fighting against fucking aliens!

#2: Immortals – I admit I tend to get superficial sometimes when I see a trailer showing a film’s slow-mo scenes – coz it just looks so damn cool! And when this one had the 300-styled cinematography as well, I didn’t hesitate to see it. I totally regret being shallow on this one. This film is an immortal piece of crap and I’m ashamed to have invited my wife to watch this and suffer as well.

#1: Arthur – This film summed up in 3 words: Stupid, corny and annoying. I was actually a Russell Brand fan but after this film, I’m really not sure anymore. Even if it had a scene with Dudley Moore (who played the original Arthur) rising from the grave and kicking Russell Brand in the balls, I would still think this film was dumb as fuck. You won’t even snicker at this film.

There are so much more I’d like to take a dump on but these were the top 5 on the list. If you haven’t seen them yet, trust me and don’t bother!

Top 11 Films of 2011

#11: Insidious I admit, the final act of the movie gets a bit bland. But other than that, this film can actually scare the shit out of you. If you wanna have fun with a horror movie, this is the one to see.

#10: Real SteelAside from the fact you get to see robots beat the crap out of each other in the ring, a feel-good sci-fi movie is what this is. It’s actually a clever idea of a film and I put this on the same level as Karate Kid (the original not the 2010 remake) and Over the Top.

#9: Sucker Punch This film flopped at the box-office but for me, it was a visual masterpiece. There was practically no plot but nevertheless, I was impressed – just like after I watched The Matrix Reloaded. Yes, I admit I enjoyed seeing Emily Browning in a schoolgirl outfit but this film was cool becoz it’s basically a live-action animé and if it was an adaption of a manga, I’m sure it woulda been a hit.

#8: The MuppetsI am a proud kid that grew up with Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. I loved the Muppets back then and I love them just as much today. You know that cliché tagline “for the kid in all of us”? Well, this really is for the kid in all of us!

#7: X-Men: First ClassWhat makes this film standout from the rest of the comicbook movies released last year was its powerful storyline and brilliant performances – plus it had Kevin Bacon in it. I liked how although it was an X-Men movie, it wasn’t campy and could actually be treated as a serious film.

#6: Rise of the Planet of the ApesAnother film where the storyline and performances were just superb – special effects included. I didn’t expect much at first but when the movie ended, I was in awe. I’m glad this movie came coz I can finally forget that crappy Tim Burton remake. Even if you’re not familiar with the franchise, you’ll still enjoy this.

#5: Another Earth – A sci-fi indie film but is actually more of a character drama. If you’re expecting explosive action and aliens, I’ll tell you now you won’t get any. This made my top list coz of its clever concept – I mean, how cool is the idea of questioning our existence knowing there’s another version of ourselves on another Earth? The performances were ace, too. I’m not a huge fan of dramas but if you trust my taste and see it’s #5, then you know it’s good.

#4: Super 8If you loved and missed the movies like E.T., The Goonies and Stand by Me, then this is the film for you. I for one adored those summer classics and I believe this was an homage to all of them. It’s a fun, alien thrill-ride that even the kids would love – well, the cool kids atleast.

#3: Midnight in Paris A smart, romantic comedy. If you’re familiar with the work of Director Woody Allen, you’ll know what to expect with this one coz it’s just that – and much more. It’s basically about how people think a life different from theirs would be much better; But that’s as far as I can tell you coz  finding out what happens at midnight in Paris is the fun part – they don’t tell you in the trailer either!

#2: Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolA stylish, fast-paced, action-packed, rollercoaster ride. It was simply a barrel of fun and I personally feel this was the best  M:I in the series. Plus, that Burj Khalifa scene was just crazy!

and the #1 movie for 2011 is ** drumroll **

 The Artist – A tribute to silent movies. Yes, it’s a silent film but don’t make that discourage you (although I don’t see why it would). If you’ve seen and enjoyed those movies shown on TCM, you would understand why this film was such a breath of fresh air to me. Thanks to my dad, I grew up enjoying the MGM classics like Anchors Aweigh, An American in Paris and There’s No Business like Show Business. I’m a huge Gene Kelly fan and one of my classic MGM faves is Singing in the Rain and I’m pretty sure the main character and film was both inspired from them. Watching this makes you realize gone were the days when movies were all about good storytelling starring real actors – and not all this cgi driven, commercial, sell-outs featuring posterboys who couldn’t deliver a convincing line for shit. I highly recommend this film for some nostalgic fun and afterwards, watch Singing in the Rain for similar “talkie” amusement.

Special Mention: Attack the BlockBattle: Los Angeles, Contagion, Hanna, Horrible Bosses and The Help

and that’s my top (recommended) films for 2011. A lot of movies coming up this year so I’ll see you all at the movies — especially for The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus. KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!! – fvn


One thought on “Films of 2011

  1. I thought Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was laughable. I agree with most this list, though I would move The Muppets further up. That movie was outstanding, pure joy.

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