Adam and Eve

Everybody dreams. I’m aware that there are a significant variety of dreams. Most commonly, dreams would be of yourself. Dreams of someone on your mind; dreams of things you’ve seen; dreams of being somewhere you’ve been or want to be; dreams of your hopes and fears. It could be a nightmare of you falling in a dark, bottomless pit or it could be a marvelous scenario of you flying alongside the birds through the clouds above the city. Sometimes, dreams could simply be queer images that don’t make sense like a giant, purple octopus or a blue chihuahua with butterfly wings. The possibilities of your dreams are limitless… except for mine. I have never once experienced anything similar to the aforementioned above. My dreams are a bit more, to put it lightly, unique.


My name is Adam and I was born on January 14, 1989 at exactly 8 a.m.

To this day, I have never dreamt about myself; people I know nor any place I’ve been to before. Since the day I can remember as a child, my dreams have always been about the same person – a girl to be precise. To be even more precise, a Chinese girl named Eve.

I eventually learned that Eve was the same age as I was. I came to this conclusion on my 5th birthday – While I celebrated my birthday during my waken hours, Eve celebrated hers in my dreams as soon as I fell asleep that night. My father told me that my first word as a baby was “Chou Sahn” (早晨) – yes, thanks to my dreams I can write in Chinese, too! – which means “Good Morning”. It would’ve been a milestone moment for my parents except, we’re Canadian!

What makes my dreams even more peculiar is, I can actually feel her emotions – her joys, her pains. When we were 10, Eve’s mother died from cancer and I remember just breaking down and crying for months – missing her like she was my own mother. Luckily for me, Eve hasn’t fallen for anyone yet – I say lucky because I’m not anxious to know how it feels to be in love with a man.

All these years I let my dreams be; accepting that this was just how I was created to be – while keeping this gift (or curse) to myself. All these years, I have learned to live my life while living hers in my sleep. All these years I ignored the possibility that Eve actually existed but now, I’ve decided to do something other than to just take this lying down. After all these years, I have realized that I am in love with Eve.


Here I stand at the airport, waiting to board the plane to Hong Kong. I need to know if she’s real. I need to find her.


After all these years, I have lived my life accepting that this was how I was meant to be, living somebody else’s life in my dreams – while keeping this phenomena to myself. I’ve always told myself that I was never scared of my dreams but the reason I probably never did anything about this before was because I was scared; scared of what would happen if I unlocked the mystery of my dreams. I do not know if the person in my dreams is real but nevertheless, I cannot help but feel joyous with anticipation. After all these years, I have realized that I am in love with the person in my dreams; and last night, I dreamt that Adam is coming to find me.

My name is Eve and I was born on January 14, 1989 at exactly 8 a.m.


Copyright © 2011 by FV Nicolas


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