The Miserable Man

I was in a pub drinking beer at the bar
One seat away from a man with a noticable scar
He turned to me and so began
The story of The Miserable Man…
He spoke of his happy childhood
Came from a happy family and a nice neighborhood
But they’re no longer close, they grew apart
Due to age gaps and close-mindedness that ended a start
He spoke about his years in different schools
How most hated him and few thought he was cool
He always cheated on exams and never got caught
And covered his stupidity with clever talk
His childhood sweetheart he let slip away
He said she’s now married to a guy who looks gay
His bestfriend he used to love like a brother
He now calls him a stranger and a stupid mutherfucker
He claims he covers his insecurities with cockiness
He told of how he fucked girls out of their innocence
He never could hold onto a decent job
Coz he hated rules and was a lazy bob
He claims he’s really successful now
But always ends the stories with “why” and “how”
He claims he has everything he dreamed and wanted
Yet he sometimes thinks of shooting himself in the head
He spoke about his current luck and wealth
And how he intentionally fucks up his health
His life was colorful yet all he saw was blue
And just kept saying “I dont know what to do!”
He said he was loved and had a lot of friends
Then said “I am drunk and I wish they were all dead!”
He was happy yet he was so sad
He knows he’s lucky yet he feels so mad
He got teary-eyed and said “I am alone and a victim of my own art.”
Then he stood up and disappeared into the dark

Copyright © 2006 by FV Nicolas


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