5 Films of 2010

There were a lot films this year – some good and some not-so good. Based on my personal taste, let’s start with the über stupid ones, shall we?

5 Dumbest Films of 2010

#5: The Edge of Darkness – With a title like that and Mel Gibson playing a homicide detective investigating the murder of his daughter, you’d tend to expect a lot. Unfortunately, this film was so dragging that by the time the action came in, I was halfway asleep. This film is the wannabe older brother of Liam Neeson’s Taken.

#4: Robin Hood – I think this film hoped to be another Gladiator. Someone should call Kevin Costner and have him beat the crap out of Russell Crowe for doing this.

#3: The Last Exorcism – I’m a fan of Eli Roth’s work so I had high expectations when I heard about this film. I wish I was possessed when I watched this so I would’ve had something else to do instead of getting disappointed from this film. If Linda Blair were to puke green vomit again, this would be the film that could make her do it… coz the film’s that stupid! – although I’ll admit t’was a good concept.

#2: Skyline – If you saw the people getting abducted on the trailer and thought “Whoa! This movie is going to be cool!” – think again. Save yourself the agony of sitting through this coz the trailer was more exciting than the film itself. A lame attempt to be another Independence Day/District 9. Plus, the ending was so gay, all that was missing was “I Will Survive” playing in the background.

#1: Cop Out – As much as I am a fan of Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith films, this was the only film this year that within just 5 minutes of the movie, I thought “this is fucking dumb!”. Thank God it was on DVD and not in the cinema when I saw this coz I probably would’ve stabbed myself in the neck with a pen if I had to sit through the entire movie.

I have yet to get back the hours of my life that those shitty films have taken from me. Moving on to my favorites this year…..

Top 5 Films of 2010

#5: Toy Story 3 I admit I love films that bring out the kid in me and this one by Pixar was definitely one of them this year! Considering all the animated films nowadays, it does tend to get a bit old but c’mon.. how could anybody NOT love Toy Story since its 1995 debut? It was the perfect end to its trilogy unlike Shrek Forever Afterwhich totally sucked ass! I recommend adding this (basically the boxed set of all 3) to your DVD collection.

#4: The ExpendablesGone were the days when action movies didn’t need CGI. Gone were the days when action stars actually looked like someone you wouldn’t want to fuck with in real-life and weren’t pretty-boys that just wanted to show their abs and didn’t want their hair getting messed up. This film was nothing but an homage to those 80’s action films so Kudos! to Sylvester Stallone for doing it perfectly. Was the acting good? Did the plot make sense? It had guns, explosions, senseless violence and a super all-star cast so… who the fuck cares!?! This is obviously one for the guys but I believe there’re some cool chicks out there that’d dig this.

#3: Kick-Ass As much as I love comicbook adaptations/superhero movies, I admit I am starting to get a lil’ bored with them. Which is why whenever those out of the typical come along – e.g. Sin City and Watchmen – I end up with a huge smile when the film is done. I haven’t read the comic but nevertheless, I love this movie! And besides, it’s not everyday you see a little girl shoot people in the face and play with a Balisong. Kick-Ass seriously kicked ass!

#2: Scott Pilgrim vs The WorldAside from its rocking soundtrack and trademark Edgar Wright humor, this was mainly an homage to the video game generation. You had evil bosses bursting into coins, epic KO’s, air combos, 1-Ups… it was just awesome!  The classic Nintendo/arcade games will always be the best coz those games required serious skillz to play. I dunno if it’s possible for anyone to not like this film but whatever… you lil’ Playstation brats out there better recognize!

and the #1 movie for 2010 is……………

Inception Movies are usually low on the “idea bank” nowadays – hence all the adaptations and unnecessary remakes – which is why whenever a unique film like this comes along, it’s like a breath of fresh cinematic air. It was evident from Memento that Christopher Nolan was a genius which is why it isn’t a surprise that he has once again blown my mind with this film. It may be complicated but it’s not confusing… it just requires your focus and concentration. I won’t get into the plot coz understanding it is actually the fun part of watching this. This film also had one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever seen – fighting without gravity! All I’ll say is this film was fucking cool and fucking brilliant! Watch it now if you still haven’t seen it yet but if you’ve seen it already… watch it again!

Special Mention 5 (+ 2): The A-Team, Hot Tub Time Machine, Machete, The Runaways, Charlie St. Cloud, The Other Guys and Frozen

And that’s it with films of 2010! See you at the movies in 2011… Cheers!!! – fvn


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