Zombie Love Letter

The moment I saw you walking down the street

I knew you were Grade A, Top Choice meat

Your luscious body is like one out of a dream

A dream best sided with veggies and mushroom soup cream

Your skin so flawless, your scent so sweet

Your long silky hair, perfect for flossing my teeth

Your sparkling eyes, your voluptuous lips

My heart would skip a beat, if it still had a beat to skip

The sound of your voice, is music to my ear

You look so adorable, screaming in fear

Let’s go out on a date, candlelit dinner for two

Filo tarts for starters while the main dish is you

Let’s take a stroll down the beach, let me walk you home

Let me tuck you into bed, and suck the meat off your bones

Let me get to know you, let me shelter you from the rain

Let me understand your mind while eating your brain

The mere sight of you gives a tingly feeling in my body

Or is that just my stomach? God, I’m so hungry!

I know what I’m feeling is more than just lust

I know this is love, I can feel it in my dangling guts

I wish you would stop running away from me

Come into my arms and get in my belly


Copyright © 2010 by FV Nicolas


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