Employee of the Day

Today I wake up bright and early
Today I take a nice hot shower;
Have a hearty breakfast with coffee

Today I shan’t be late for work
Today I shan’t call my boss a jerk
Today I shall greet my colleagues with a smile
Today my customer service shall go the extra mile

Here I am at my cubicle and I feel fine
I wanna feel good about myself;
I’m not going to look at the time
Ring, ring, ring
Talk, talk, talk
Type, type, type
Talk, talk, talk

An hour has passed, so far so good
I won’t check the clock, I’m still in the mood
I’ll just keep on working ’cause I’ve got my groove on
You are my friends Mr. Computer and Mrs. Phone
A few more hours have probably passed
Time to check the time and be proud of my professional ass
I look up at the clock – this is it!
God Dammit! It’s only been 30 minutes!

Copyright © 2010 by FV Nicolas


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