My head begins to grow five times bigger and ten times heavier
My head then sinks into the pillow, deeper and deeper
Lying still in bed but feel like I’m floating on water
While eating my pizza, I get hungrier and hungrier
I watch Tom and Jerry on the cartoon channel
I think to myself “Whoa, Jerry is fucking brutal!”
I make love with my girl; she’s riding on top of me
Then suddenly while humping, she grows 50 feet
Like Mr. Fantastic, my arms begin to stretch
As I reach out to grab this sexy giant’s breasts
Her whispers are like screams echoing in my ear
I ask her, “Why are you yelling? I’m right here.”
I close my eyes tight and what do I see?
A disco party happening deep inside of me
I see my lungs turn into two giant speakers
I see a million mini-me’s dressed in black trenched coats, mexican sombreros and sneakers.
They’re all wearing shades and holding maracas
The music starts playing Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca
It’s such an odd sight; they’re all smiling and dancing
I find them all funny and just can’t stop laughing
Everything’s now silent; I’m now sleepy indeed
I really have to say: “That was some good fucking weed!”

Copyright © 2010 by FV Nicolas


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