Films of 2009: Part 2

Ok so it’s 2010 but since I never finished Part 2 of last year’s films, I’ll get it over with now in no particular order…

Avatar – The poster read “Enter The World” and DAMN! They weren’t kidding. It was fucking mind-blowing… especially on 3D! I don’t even know how to talk about this film. You just have to see it for yourself (if you havent yet)…3rd best movie of 2009 for me.

Zombieland – Once again they have proved that zombie movies can still be cool! The last one this cool was Dawn of the Dead. “Time to nut up or shut up!” – another classic movie line is born! Woody Harrelson was fucking cool (as usual). Top movie #4 (Land of the Dead… suck it)!

Inglorious Basterds – I am and will always be a Tarantino fan. A spaghetti western set in a nazi-occupied France… personally, his best movie to date. Top film #5 (That’s it… I’ll stop at the top 5).

I Love You, Man – This was the funniest bromance movie for me so far… I never tire of Paul Rudd comedies.  “Sluppin’ da bass!”

Star Trek – I never was a Trekkie but I have to say I really enjoyed this one. So I recommend you see this even if you’re not familiar with the original series and have no idea who William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy is coz it’s just a fun movie to watch.

Jennifer’s Body – I couldn’t wait to see this but unfortunately when I did, it was crap! Too bad coz it could’ve been cool if it was darker, bloodier and didn’t have that teen, chick-flick vibe. It was basically a Megan Fox exploitation film – but I really wouldn’t call it that since you don’t see “anything” anyway. It’s just as dumb as I Love You, Beth Cooper and I’m sorry that I even thought this would be worth watching…

brüno – Sasha Cohen Baron did it again! Borat was still funnier but nevertheless, this was a trip to watch. This isn’t one for the homophobes though.

Funny People – I’m a die-hard Adam Sandler fan so maybe I’m biased when I say it was really nice. A bit of a more serious comedy compared to his previous films… This would probably fall under the same category as Click.

500 Days of Summer – When the narrator says at the beginning of the film “this is not a love story” he meant it. I’m a sucker for unusual love stories so I enjoyed this one… and Zooey Deschanel was fucking puuuuurrrty!

District 9 – My interest to watch this movie sparked from its constant word-of-mouth before its release and I have to say… it didn’t disappoint. It was really original and different… I recommend this movie even if you aren’t a sci-fi fan.

Year One – The concept of the movie was good but it was put to waste from it’s über corny jokes. If you enjoyed School of Rock and Nacho Libre, DO NOT see this one because it is NOTHING like that. I’ll sum it up in one word: DUMB!

A Christmas Carol – Another of the gazillion remakes of this classic but this was definetely one of the best ones. And not to mention Robert Zemekis’ CG animation evolving a lot since The Polar Express. This was the only family movie I included so maybe it is good.

Other mentionables: The Taking of Pelham 123 – John Travolta as a bald, tattooed terrorist. Need I say more? Public Enemies – Johhny Depp as John Dillinger… ’nuff said! and The Hangover – 3 guys waking up with no recollection of the events of a bachelor party the night before… how is that not funny?

So that’s all for 2009’s films (for me atleast). 2010 is here and as for now, I’ll be lining up for Legion, Alice In Wonderland, Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2 and Clash of The Titans!


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