I just had to upload this as it was just too cool not to! It’s just a coincidence that Halloween is comin’ up but here’s the story before the photo…

Two weeks ago, my fiancé Zada’s younger brother went on a lil’ drinking session with friends. That night while having fun, they just started taking pix of each other with their phones. Last week, while randomly browsin’ the pix they took, they noticed something in one of them. This photo was in the phone the entire time, they didnt even get to upload it anywhere yet. The photo was taken with an LG Cookie (hence the indoor/night resolution). He showed it to me and at first I thought it was probably photo-shopped but when I looked a lil’ closer, zooming it in and all, I saw it really wasnt – which was why I asked him to bluetooth it to me immediately. lol

In the photo below is a couple – whose eyes I just covered. If you look close, on their left (your right), you’ll see a shadowed figure of what looks like a long haired woman. If you look closer, you’ll notice the red eyes. According to Zada’s brother, they didnt see anything when the photo was actually taken. But he did say that the friend who lived in that house wasnt surprised since this apparently wasnt the first time something paranormal happened there. Zoom it, brighten it, adjust the contrast, whatever… this shit is real! Happy Halloween!!!

Click image to enlarge

3 thoughts on “Shutter?

  1. you should have a disclaimer: not for the faint hearted.

    i love reading blogs and was excited to see that you have one but shit! i cannot take this kind of thing!!!

  2. btw, i just saw the photo as you post it here. i have not enlarged it or anything like that and it is uncanny that my eyes found the right side corner so if this is one of those lame jokes where a woman suddenly shrieks in my ear or something, i have yet to discover it but why o why did my eyes settle on the right hand corner of the photo?

    • @jinginsg disclaimer? no need.. the fact it’s my blog is already the disclaimer lol but yeah, cool pic no? c/o Zada’s bro’s camera after nila maginuman..

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