Mark had a girlfriend. In the 18 months they’ve been together, they didn’t once have any sexual contact due to the fact that his girlfriend June, was raised from a conservative family. The only things they’ve ever done that came close to sexual were French kissing and fondling – outside the clothes. Mark loved June very much so he respected her choice to not ‘give her body’ to him yet – although needless to say, Mark has been wanting to have sex with her for a while.

On Christmas Eve, He and June celebrated alone at his apartment with a candle-lit dinner that she prepared all day for him. Two hours later, while enjoying wine on the couch, they began to kiss. As things started to get hot, Mark found his hand under June’s blouse. Instead of Mark getting aroused, he felt uneasy because June didn’t take his hand out this time – which she usually did. He asked if she was alright and she suggested that they go the bedroom. In the bedroom, while she began to undress, he asked her if she was sure.
“Today’s a holiday so it makes it special to me. Yes, I’m sure.” she answered.
It was definitely a night they both remembered.

After celebrating the New Year countdown with friends, they retreated back to June’s apartment and again had sex without any hesitance from June. A few days later, she was back in Mark’s apartment. June, being the conservative type, didn’t believe in unmarried couples living together but instead slept over on certain days of the week – and vice-versa for Mark. That night, while kissing in bed, Mark’s hand slowly went under June’s shirt but this time, she pulled his hand out.
“What’s wrong, baby?” Mark asked.
“We made love those nights because they were holidays… special occasions. I don’t want this to be a regular thing ‘cause I just don’t want it to get to a point where you’d get bored with it… or with me.” June timidly answered.
“It’s ok, baby. I understand… don’t worry.” He said while kissing and embracing her until they fell asleep. Mark really did understand… but it also gave him an idea.

On the 2nd of February, Mark thought to give his idea a try and came to spend the night at June’s. While kissing on the couch, he began to unzip June’s skirt.
“Mark… please, I thought we agreed on this?” She said.
“Today’s Groundhog Day. It’s a celebrated holiday in Pennsylvania. You did say it was fine on holidays, didn’t you?” Mark replied.
June smiled, looking embarrassed and agreed. Mark knew his idea worked when they proceeded into the bedroom. So Mark began to research on more holidays as this was apparently the only way June would agree to have sex. St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Labor Day, African Freedom Day, Columbus Day, Moon Festival, Chanukah, Ramadan; whatever holiday you could think of, he found it and used to his advantage throughout the entire year.

The next year, Mark began to get carried away and instead of just having sex, he started asking June to try ‘different things’ with him. It’s safe to assume that June wasn’t comfortable with whatever he asked at times but she still agreed. On the 12th of June, Mark used the Philippine Independence Day as his rationale. This time, he wanted to try doing it in the shower – which they did, even if June didn’t think it was a good idea. As they were in the shower, Mark tried a position that required carrying June. As he lifted her, he slipped on the wet floor and fell. Unfortunately, this resulted to June breaking her neck on the toilet bowl. June died on the month of June.

Mark was completely devastated from the accident. He didn’t even know exactly how to feel. He was aware that he schemed June in some way but he also refused to accept that because he really did love her. Months passed with alcohol, depression and occasional sleepless nights. Then one night, he was awakened by a strong wind that slammed his window shut. There was a thunder storm and the electricity apparently went out. He checked the time on his side-table clock and saw it was 3 a.m. Suddenly, Mark was stunned when he felt what felt like a cold, clammy hand gently grab his foot. He turned and saw a dark figure standing at the corner of his bed. He realized that the figure resembled a naked girl. He also realized that when he checked the time, the date on his clock said October 31st – Halloween.

Copyright © 2009 by FV Nicolas


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