Films of 2009: Part 1

So it’s July and a couple of “blockbuster” films have been released. Here are the ones I’ve seen so far and my respective reviews on them.

Watchmen – Based on the graphic novel of the same name. This is the first film which I considered to be the best of 2009.

Friday The 13th – I was a bit worried on how they could remake this and revive it all over again – especially since Jason wasnt the killer in the first installment of the original. I was also worried coz last year’s remake of Halloween was shit. But I have to say, they pulled it off and it was a really fun movie to watch. Sex and Blood.. just how the good ol’ slasher films used to be.

The Spirit – Here I thought it would blow me away and be as cool as Sin City. I thought wrong! It’s not even worth collecting on DVD.. and for the first time, I thought Samuel L. Jackson looked like an idiot.

Angels and Demons – unlike The Da Vinci Code, i didnt read this book so i have no basis of comparison for this film adaptation. But just the same, it sucked ass! I’m an Ewan McGregor fan but I thought his acting was shit here. It was a complete waste of my f*cking time.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – I didnt think it was cooler than the X-Men films but nevertheless, Hugh Jackman as Logan makes this mediocre spin-off tolerable. — I mean why wasn’t there any blood on his claws whenever he’d stab Sabretooth? And what was up with this version of Deadpool!?

Knowing – Another lame attempt to be a thought-provoking movie about the world we know. Nicolas Cage’s acting yet again sucked monkey balls.

Terminator Salvation – it was fun to watch for the sake of watching. It was cool to see all the terminators alive and kicking. It was rockin’ to see Schwarzenegger’s face show up in the final battle but I was still a bit disappointed coz it was a bit senseless coz there wasnt any salvation to begin with… they didnt get to change anything and the film closes with “We may have won this battle but the war continues”.  It was alright but unfortunately a bit of a waste of time since it again showed that Judgement Day is inevitable no matter what they do – just like in T3.

Drag Me To Hell – The trailer already caught my attention. When I watched this movie, I honestly didnt have much expectation – even if I knew it was directed by Sam Raimi. But after just the first 5 minutes of the film, my eyes were glued to the screen. it was KICK-ASS!!! You’re gonna love how Raimi went back to his “Evil Dead” roots. The 2nd best film of 2009 for me. If u get a chance to see this movie…  see it!

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen – After seein’ the trailers I already had a feeling something was going to be wrong with this movie. It was just too much and I hated it. What was up with the “ghetto bots” Mudflap and Skids? What was up with Witwicky’s parents and his faggot roommate Leo Spitz? What was up with the Megan Fox’s face and that little Decepticon humping her leg? And what the f*ck was up with Optimus Prime’s victory line “I rise… you fall!” ??!? I swear, I wanted the film to end so badly after the first hour and a half. Since when did transformers start transforming into people? What’s next? Beast Wars?! Anyone who thinks this is better than the first one is obviously retarded.

So that’s all for now. Let’s see what the rest of the year has in store for us — Although I’ve practically already lined up for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opening on August 7th. Go Joe!!!


4 thoughts on “Films of 2009: Part 1

  1. terminator is cool but i didnt relate wtih the story though. the effects were nice.

    drag me to hell was super scary so i guess that makes a good horror movie.

  2. Yo Frank.

    Transformers2…yep luvd it! Just call me retarded!!!! mwahahahah

    Terminator… yep luvd it too!!!!

    Ah yaah its d only two movies I’ve seen in a long long time! I must get out more often hehehehe….all work and no play… peace

  3. @ jemalyng: u gotta see the 1st 3 terminator films if u rly wanna relate but yeah, it was cool :)

    @ Jun Regalado: ey jun! haha ok considerin it’s u, i wont judge u from enjoyin dat movie lol its alryt f u missed a lot, as long as u see Watchmen before d year ends =P rock on!

  4. The spirit did suck ass…. the only lame movie i believe Samuel L jackson did :(

    didn’t bother watching A & D becoz i read the book b4, thinking it’d be “controversial” like Da Vinci Code, I hated it.
    It was stupid.

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