Mr. Mole

Mr. Mole, Mr. Mole
Why are you so sad?
Why are you so frustrated?
Why are you so mad?

Why do you hate dogs?
Is it because they’re man’s bestfriend and eat yummy food?
Why do you hate cats?
Is it because people tolerate their being lazy and rude?

Why do you hate birds?
Is it because they fly free?
Why do you hate snakes?
Is it because they starred in a hit movie?

Why do you hate penguins?
Is it because they look better than you in a suit?
Why do you hate owls?
Is it because people aren’t scared of them, even when they hoot?

Why do you hate the fish?
Do pray tell, Mr. Mole
Is it because they live in the sea while you live in a dirty hole?

Why do you hate chamelions?
Is it because they can change their skin color?
Why do you hate rabbits?
Is it because they celebrate Easter?

Oh, Mr. Mole
You’re just like a rat
And why do you wear such a silly-looking hat?

Mr. Mole, Mr. Mole
Just go back into your hole
The animals are tired of your frustration making you explode

Copyright © 2009 by FV Nicolas


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