Frankie and His Time Machine

Frankie built a time machine
It was a tent covered with tin cans of baked beans
It had an antenna attached to an umbrella
And had an alarm clock with a little propeller

Frankie had a time machine
It was colored green
He travelled back in time to find historical things

He took ice from the age of ice
He took breadcrumbs from the bread of Jesus Christ
He took a rock from a caveman’s cave
He took a shoelace from a boot of a civil war soldier named Dave
He took ink from William Shakespeare’s desk
He took a used paintbrush from Leonardo Da Vinci’s mess
He took a piece of cake from Mary Antoinette
He took a matchstick from Billy the Kid

He presented his findings to his class show-and-tell
He bragged of his findings that he also offered to sell
He spoke of his adventures with much pride and glee
His teacher wasn’t convinced
And gave Frankie a minus C

Copyright © 2009 FV Nicolas


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