Francis M.

The Philippines mourns the death of pinoy ‘Master Rapper’ Francis Magalona aka Francis M. who passed away at age 44 on March 6, 2009. I personally think the country’s Oompa-Loompa president is so full of sh*t for issuing him ONLY NOW a ‘Presidential Medal of Merit’ for his display of patriotism and love of country through his songs…AFTER his death. If she’s sincere, y didnt she award him the medal years ago; or atleast when he was diagnosed w/d disease? Was she too busy mixing Wonka’s chocolate? Too late!

I won’t pretend and say he’s my idol or I’m his biggest fan. I actually think he got ‘soft’ ever since he joined Eat Bulaga! What I am is a fan of his earlier works (I think Freeman and Happy Battle are his best albums while Meron Akong Ano! is probably the only ‘pure pinoy’ album I’ll ever like) and always a fan of his creativity. The first tagalog song I ever sang w/my band (then) was his song Jolog (from Freeman as well) – back in those days, calling someone ‘Jolog’ WASNT a compliment and it STILL isnt despite what some people think of d word nowadays – it was a Battle of the Bands and we won 2nd place from it. I remember memorizing and pronouncing d lyrix perfectly but not knowing what half the words meant.

I only saw him once at his gig back in ’95 at Club Dredd (the original one) to promote his Freeman album. I was right upfront d stage and I remember it bein’ one helluva show. Aside from Freeman tracks, he did Rage Against The Machine’s Bombtrack and Beastie Boys’ Sabotage. He ends d gig by getting off d stage after d last song and walking out d club while his band (Hardware Syndrome) kept playing til he was gone. People didnt know if it was over or not coz there were no thank-yous, good-byes or anything… he just left. It was one of the coolest things I ever saw! THAT’S how I’ll remember Francis M. – as a bad-ass performer!

I’ll end this w/snapshots of my Freeman lyric sheet and postcard both autographed by him. Am I showing it off? Yes. How’d I get it? I snail-mailed his fan mail address. How’d I find it? I never lost it and never stopped showing it whenever I had d chance.

His genius and creativity will be missed (coz Elvis knows u dont see much of that nowadays). He’s with Lennon now so may he rest in peace.

FM Dedication

FM Autograph


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