Diary of a Stranger

I had a neighbor who lived in the apartment across mine whom I never got to know personally. He recently moved out unannounced with unpaid rent and since I’m friends with the landlady, she let me come and take whatever stuff he left behind that I might’ve wanted. All I took was his past issues of Rolling Stone and Fangoria magazines but my girlfriend took his diary just out of curiosity because she always found him to be a bit weird. The following contexts below are taken from the last pages of that diary.



January 14, 2006 – Saturday 17:40

Just got back from the gym… body’s starting to firm up nicely I can feel it. Increased the speed on treadmill… need to know I’ll be able to run fast and long. Worked a lil’ more on the punching bag today… need to start getting used to hitting heavy mass. Signed up for kickboxing classes… gotta know how to use more than just my fists. The world sickens me. I need to be ready…


March 15, 2006 – Wednesday 20:19

Another tiring day at work. The boss gave me a hard time again… he’s SO lucky I don’t smash his head through the window. That isn’t my job… that isn’t my career… I don’t belong there. Doesn’t matter… my employment there would at least ensure no one would suspect me later on. IF THEY ONLY KNEW…


March 18, 2006 – Saturday 07:32

Just done jogging around the park… need to keep my blood flowing right. Had breakfast of raisin bran cereal & raw egg whites, blended into a drink… can’t have unnecessary toxins in my body. Saw on the news a woman was raped on her way home last night… and a convenience store was held-up by a group of teenage thugs. Must be patient… their time will come.



April 25, 2006 – Tuesday 22:47

Making REAL progress at the gym. My kickboxing instructor told me I’ve improved a lot since my first session… my spotter fell to the ground when I hit the punching bag. He stood and asked jokingly if I was getting ready to kill someone. I’m not going to kill anyone… I am merely going to discipline. I have to be ready…



April 28, 2006 – Friday 23:10

I finally bought my desired set of clothes… all from different stores. Black cargo pants with enough pockets to store the handcuffs and brass knuckles I bought from eBay. A black, long-sleeved, body-fitted, nylon turtleneck shirt. A black ski mask and a pair of black leather gloves… Dr. Marten’s Steel Toe boots. No one will be able to stop me…



May 6, 2006 – Saturday 00:03

I’m ready… it’s time. I like my outfit’s look… dark, mysterious… PERFECT! I don’t need weapons… my fists and rage are all I need. A vigilante is what they’ll call me … just like Rorschach or Casey Jones. Don’t have a name yet… I won’t need one. I will make the scum on the streets fear the thought of a masked man lurking within the shadows, waiting for them to make their move. I shall look crime straight in the face and inflict pain on it. Tonight is the night I mark the beginning of my life’s true purpose…



May 10, 2006 – Wednesday 19:30

I’m in the hospital. Doctor said I was unconscious for 3 days… face covered in bandages. Hard to breathe… busted nose. They said my broken leg, arm and ribs will heal in time. My pockets completely empty when my body was found on a sidewalk… no one knew who I was. News apparently reported “gruesome assault of an unidentified man” two nights ago… my sister came and gave the hospital my info after seeing my face on TV. Cops just finished questioning me about attack… told them I couldn’t remember anything. But I do. I remember chasing a purse-snatcher and cornering him in an alley. I remember 5 other guys suddenly come out of nowhere. I remember chains and steel bars… I remember hearing cracks. I remember seeing stars. I remember thinking right before I blacked out that this probably wasn’t a good idea… 

Copyright © 2009 by FV Nicolas



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