Who Watches The Watchmen?

Click photo for official Watchmen website
Click photo for the official Watchmen movie website

Watchmen is an American epic superhero film and for those who aren’t aware, it’s based on the 1986 graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It’s directed by Zack Snyder, director of 300.

I’ll admit, I really didnt know what who the Watchmen were until just recently; even if I already saw posts about its planned film adaptation on www.comicbookmovie.com years ago. Trailers started to surface (with Smashing Pumpkin’s The Beginning is the End is the Beginning) and I went, “This looks cool… what is this?” And when posters and posts of fans’ anticipation started popping up more and more, I then went “WTF is this?!?!” I even saw that this book was one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 books of all time. I decided to get the book a few weeks ago at Fully Booked in SM Mall of Asia to see what all the hype was about. I read it and after finishing it, I have to say… It was fucking amazing! Now I know why it was as famous as it is. Considering the year it was released (1986), its art and theme probably wouldnt appeal too much to today’s readers but personally, that’s exactly what i think makes it amazing. After reading it, I actually felt a bit ashamed from not knowing about them before especially since I read a lot of  DC comics back when I was a kid. I liked it more than Kingdom Come – and that alone was already a kick-ass graphic novel!

I don’t know how good an adaption the film’s gonna be but basing on how good Snyder adapted 300, I’ll have some good expections. Then again, great expectations could also lead to major disappointments. I just hope WB’s legal battle with Fox was worth it… I was hoping that it would maybe get an R rating since the story isn’t really for kids anyway but I saw on the newspaper this morning that it’s R-13! I guess it’s better than a PG movie and hearing little kids going “Wow, mommy! May spaceship sya oh!” in the cinema. I just hope MTRCB doesnt cut anything out from the film coz those guys are usually a bunch of pussies (yes you are!). – What is R-13 anyway? It’s either R or PG-13!! Ah well, fuck it. Either way, I’m seeing it on its March 6 opening day and even if it ends up sucking, I’m still gonna get the DVD for my collection.

Am I trying to make a point here? not really…


One thought on “Who Watches The Watchmen?

  1. To comment on my own blog and for those just reading this… I saw the film twice now and I f*cking loved it! Different ending and missed out on a few of the book’s pointers but all in all, it was brilliant!

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