10 Things I Learned About Jim Paredes

In light of recent events, singer and senior citizen Jim Paredes has been the latest hot topic after tension erupted between him and Duterte supporters at the EDSA 31 celebration.

After watching the video (captured by journalist Jamela Alindogan-Caudron) of the above-mentioned dispute and reading his tweets on the matter, I have unintentionally learned a few things about a man whom I’ve never bothered to know anything about.

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5 Reasons Suicide Squad is Cool

Suicide Squad is now showing in theatres. It has become another divisive comic book movie, once again due to negative reviews from critics who take comic book movies too seriously (go watch an arthouse film if you’re looking for highly symbolic cinematic content!) and Rotten Tomatoes’ low score rating. Why would anyone take Rotten Tomatoes seriously after scoring Star Wars: Episode I -The Phantom Menace at 55% and the Ghostbusters reboot at 73% anyway? Regardless, bad reviews did not and will not stop the fans from seeing this.

Suicide Squad may not be a masterpiece, but it definitely isn’t a disaster either.

I sincerely enjoyed the film and here are 5 reasons why. SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue reading